Responsible Lending

In our work we are guided by the following governing principles:


We help our customers fix their credit history. This will help our clients to arrange a future bank loan on more favorable terms.


We issue loans for a minimum set of documents and with minimum customer requirements. Any Russian citizen over 18 years with a passport and a mobile phone can receive our loan.


We make borrowing money easy for our customers. Our client can get a loan with only one document without guarantors and collateral.


We are increasing the financial and technical literacy of the population by actively transferring clients to remote methods of communication with the company and remote systems in order to receive money or repay the loan without leaving home.


We treat our customers as loyally as possible, helping people in difficult financial situation. We believe that everyone deserves access to financial services regardless of their circumstances.


We provide an opportunity to quickly receive the required amount before the salary payment. Our borrowers do not need to constantly borrow money from friends or relatives.


We give our customers the opportunity to choose the loan amount and term themselves. Our clients can increase the repayment term for the loan if necessary.