Company Mission and Values

Our mission

We are focused on developing our business which generates solutions to problems and issues around Unbankable individuals. We provide access to financial services and an online, electronic and internet-based world (“Online”) to those who are not eligible for the mainstream financial services.

Our vision

The combined effect of the tightening of financial regulations and increasing technology-driven complexity has forced a growing number of people into a sector of society where it is very hard to access financial services, the “No service zone.” “Unbanked” or “Unbankable” individuals are neglected by the mainstream banking system and have no access to any financial service or support.

We regard this sector of society as an opportunity to make a transparent, solid, healthy and profitable business by creating conditions for these people to improve their status and progressively mingle with the world of financial services.

Our guiding principles

  • Any and all services we provide, now and in the future, are conceived with the highest standards of transparency, efficiency and compliance, with utmost respect for our customers;
  • Any and all clients, now and in the future, are supported and helped to improve their financial status and to access the online world;
  • Our employees are the most valuable resource and we focus on creating a comfortable working environment;
  • A solid, transparent and profitable business is the result and consequence of full and complete implementation of the above.