Company in Brief

Zaim Credit Systems Plc (ZCS) is the UK holding company of Zaim Express LLC (Zaim), a Russian-based fintech company providing small short-term loans to customers.

Zaim has been operating in the microcredit market Russia since 2011 and is authorised to conduct microfinance activities by the Central Bank of Russia.

Zaim is a sector leader in Moscow and the Moscow region and has developed a bespoke IT system, created a distribution network and online lending platform.

It has developed a bespoke IT system, created a distribution network and online lending platform.

Zaim currently provides loans with an average size of 8,000 Russian rubles (about £80) with a maximum amount of RUB30,000 (£300) for an average duration of less than one month.

As of September 30, 2020, Zaim directly operated 32 stores. These stores are generally near to densely populated residential communities in urban areas, as well as locations near to the transport infrastructure of Moscow and the Moscow Region.

Since its establishment Zaim has developed a bespoke fully integrated business platform and operating tools to drive efficiency in its system driven by automation and a constantly improving credit scoring system. Internal teams, continually monitor and improve our systems. Zaim’s platform allows for the remote transfer of money to our client’s own cards (can be newly issued by Zaim) or other receiving facilities (be it bank accounts or any other system allowed in the Market by Russian Authorities) within minutes of the online application.

Zaim has also created a pre-paid Master Card product branded with Zaim’s logo, to which Zaim can credit loan amounts directly to customers who can then spend them online or via POS terminals. It is also possible for customers to withdraw funds at ATMs. This card was conceived and implemented to be the most convenient and cheapest device on the market and it is aimed at removing entry barriers to the online world.

Zaim card users can apply for any and all services available in the Mastercard worldwide network.

Total loans to customers (before ECL allowance) amounted to £32.1 million as at December 31, 2019 though the loan book had a carrying value of £786k as a result of historic impairments. Starting from September 2020 more than half of Zaim revenues came from our online segment.

As of November 1, 2020 the total number of employees of the Company was 207.

The Russian web-site of Zaim Express LLC is available at

Zaim in numbers

  • 32 directly managed outlets
  • 419 000 active customers
  • 1.2 million loans provided
  • Providing loans of 768 million rubles a year
  • £32.1 million loan book as at 31 December 2019